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SPIN is a unisex salon, conveniently located in different parts of Bengaluru. The team here is a collaboration of different strengths and fresh ideas.


A clear-cut career choice. Why it’s cool to be a barber? Contrary to popular belief, humans have hair too. And barbers are the ones who style and groom in a way that makes men or women ooze with confidence.


What BARBER means?

Barber actually comes from the Latin word “barba” which means beard. Throughout the ages, many different religions and cultures considered beards as a sign of strength, wisdom, virility and high social status. Barbering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Evidence spanning as far back as 30,000 BC indicate Mohenjo-Daro, Egypt, Greece and Rome had developed barbering services using combs & cutting tools.


The institution of barber is very old and integral part of Indian society. During most of the year, India can be pretty hot and dusty. May be that’s the reason cleanliness is a sort of obsession and even the poorest try their best to look neat and tidy, with clean shaves.

The institution of barber is very old and integral part of Indian society. During most of the year, India can be pretty hot and dusty. May be that’s the reason cleanliness is a sort of obsession and even the poorest try their best to look neat and tidy, with clean shaves. In India, primitive man believed that both good and bad spirits entered the body through hair on the head, which could only be driven out by cutting the hair. As tradition dictates, the barbering profession was inherited and passed down from generation to generation. Archaeologists have found well designed copper-bronze razors in Indus Valley excavations. Barbers in ancient India, also had a special function as surgeons tending to battlefield injuries - because of their expertise in handling the razor.


The idea of barber culture has come a long way through the ages. In modern culture, it is now common to see men and women with all different hair styles, hair coloring, hair textures, beards and moustaches. People’s fashion and grooming have become the forefront of barbering; it comes as no surprise that this is now multibillion industry.


First time in 1096 AD, barber's were recognized for more than just men's hairstyle and shaves. World Barber Day is an exhibition of how ordinary barbers are so much more than a barber and how each barber can make a significant difference to the world. The combination of 1096(16/09) to signify the day barbers can revert back to barber-surgeons and make a worldwide difference. This is a global annual event, created to promote a world wide charity. World Barber Day is a non profit organisation.
All the money raised during this day is donated directly to a trusted Worldwide Charity, UNICEF through the 'Just Giving' platform.



In 2011, Mr. Namadev brought his experiences & practices into reality; together with Mr. Mahesh Nagaraju (having versatile technical experience in the salon industry for more than 20 years) in the form of SPIN Salon home outlet in Vidyaranyapura. In association with passionate cousins, standing as the pillars of the growth and sharing the same vision of Namadev- Spin Salon has geographically spread across Bangalore with 23+ outlets.


SPIN Salon maintains international standards of operations and hygiene. Over the years, SPIN has employed 400+ and has trained 2000+ people in the salon industry.


Team and Technical Lead

Spin salon is all about people. Whether interacting with customers or chatting with coworkers, much of our day is spent surrounded by people. That’s part of what makes learning great management skills absolutely critical if you want to run an effective Salon! As the manager's, we’re in charge of setting the tone in creating a culture that attracts the best employees and customers. It’s our responsibility — and our opportunity — to create a working environment that lives up to your dreams of what a salon should be.


Team and Technical Lead

Our Special Services

Meet our Expert Stylists

Meet our team of expert hair stylists and colorists, some of the most talented and dedicated in the industry.


Makeup Artist

SPIN is an amazing place to work for any makeup artist or creative hairstylists. I love my job out here.


Creative Stylist

Spin is my family, Spin is my temple for work, Spin is the game changer for my life.


Creative Stylist

Working at spin is a homely feeling for me. My boss here at SPIN has changed my life for good. I have been at SPIN for more than 14 years, inspite of travelling 90+ kms in a day for work. Have never felt stressful and will still continue to work here in the years to come.


Technical Trainer

I feel privileged to be a part of SPIN family. My work experience has been great and the reason is friendly work environment, with a supportive team. Our boss is very kind and treats us like their own family member. We accept different challenges which helps us to grow our skills.


Professional Hairstylist

I love my work at SPIN Salon. The facilities they provide to their employees is at its best. And the management inspires workers like me to bring out the best in us.

Ram Sai

Creative Hairstylist

Working at Spin has brought a positive change in my life. It has provided me a platform to showcase skills. Management here is humble and supportive to its employees at all times.